How To Clean Your Kitchen Safely

Your kitchen is a breeding ground for germs and food borne bacteria. Raw meats are set on counter tops and if not disinfected can cause may severe health issues. Cooking oils and greases present perfect breeding grounds for an assortment of nastiness.

Old heated oils and grease can cause many pathogens if left alone. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to keep your kitchen clean and germ free. This will keep you and your family in good health.

A Clean Kitchen Is Important

Lurking in every kitchen is an unseen danger zone. Germs and bacteria forming on every surface. Cooking may or may not kill them all, so why risk it? Following a few simple steps can ensure your kitchen will not make you sick.

Be A Germ Terminator

It goes without saying you should always wash your utensils in hot soapy water. The sooner after a meal the better so germs don’t have a place to breed. Wiping the counter top a after a meal is also a good idea.

Wash your hands in hot soapy water right after handling meat or poultry is on the “must do” list. Contaminating other foods is a danger. Anything you touch after handling meat or poultry will be contaminated and usually can’t be cleaned or disinfected.

You can buy the disinfecting wipes kitchen wipes to go a step further. Wiping everything down daily, even when you don’t cook, goes a long way to fight germs.

You can boil utensils in water with a bit of Bleach if you really want to go the extra step. This is especially important if you have wooden handles or wooden utensils. The germs and food particles can accumulate in the wood.

Modern dishwashers have a “sanitize” feature on them, use it. Make sure you clean the dishwasher and sanitize it at least weekly. You never know where some food particles will get stuck.

Sponges and dish clothes are a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Many don’t replace or clean them as often as they should. A good tip is to dampen and wring out your sponge/wash cloth and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This will kill any germs or bacteria in them.

When your sponge starts to smell it is time to throw it out. Make sure you wash and dry your dish clothes too – often. If they are used to clean a meat or poultry mess it is a good idea to throw them out afterwards.

Counter tops are a great place for germs and bacteria to hide. There are usually thousands of tiny scratches to keep them hidden. Using a solution of equal parts Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia, and water should do the trick. It will also remove stains and keep your counter top looking new.

A word of caution: Never, Ever, mix Bleach with Ammonia. It creates a deadly unseen gas which will not only kill the germs but you too. Be aware of the contents of other cleaners you may be using. If one contains Bleach and another contains Ammonia, you get the same result.

It is simple to keep your family and guests healthy with a clean kitchen. It is just like any other hygiene task, it is not the most fun. It is a necessary thing to do to prevent germs and bacteria from entering your life. It is even less fun when they stay for a visit.

If you need a bathtub cleaning tip then be sure to check out

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5 Tips to Save Time on Cleaning

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Cleaning the house can be such a hassle but it has to be done. There are ways to speed up your cleaning so that you can get back to life. The following is a list of five tips to make cleaning the house easier.

1. Clean a Little at a Time

This seems difficult but it’s not once you get into a routine. Keeping your house clutter free will greatly decrease the time you have to spend with cleaning. Make sure everything is put in its place each day. Put away clothes as soon as they are dry and make beds immediately when you get up.

2. Be Organized0a92042a1639d0504e77a4779fe87cba

Get some storage bins so everything has a home. There are bins, crates and boxes of every style so anyone can find a storage container to fit with their decor. If you have a lot of clutter, go through your stuff frequently to get rid of stuff you don’t use. Schedule you’re cleaning and stick with it when possible. Designate a special cleaning outfit to help put you in the mindset that it’s time to clean. Use a tote or bucket when you’re cleaning to keep all your products with you so you’re not making trips back and forth.

3. Get the Right Tools

You basically only need the following cleaners: multi-surface, tile and bathroom, powder abrasive cleaner, furniture polish, paper towels or rags, broom, mop, vacuum, duster and trash bags.

4. Approach it the Right Way

Clean from top to bottom. Always dust and clean surfaces before vacuuming and cleaning floors. In the kitchen, start with the stove and move clockwise. Clean each area in a room before moving on.

5. Think of it as Exercise

Cleaning can be fun if you think of it as a way to burn some calories. Turn on some music or your favorite TV show and it won’t feel like so much of a chore.

Sticking with a regular schedule will keep your home clean and make it much easier to relax. It’s also always an option to hire professionals to come in and do a deep cleaning a few times a year.

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Should I Clean My Mattress?

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Everyone thinks about the sheets and linens when doing their bedroom cleaning. The one thing they usually forget is to clean the mattress. It is the one thing that needs cleaning the most in your bedroom.

Sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells do accumulate in a mattress over time. You spend at least 8 hours in bed each night and more when you are sick. Changing the sheets just isn’t enough to keep you mattress clean.

Regular Sweeping

When changing the sheets you should also at the same time. Just run the vacuum over the mattress to remove dirt and dead skin. If you have allergies, there this will help.

Dust mite are microscopic creatures which feed on the dead skin we leave. They are also a cause for “dust” allergies in most people.1c530baf17c00ad8a56951198a7421ab


Sometimes we get stains on the mattress and since nobody sees them, we tend to leave them. They are easily removed with upholstery cleaner or a solution of baking soda, salt, and water. Just rub it in and wait a half hour and vacuum it off.

Some tough stains may need a solution of two parts Hydrogen Peroxide and dish soap. Be careful as this solution can bleach out color where it touches. Either way you should wipe the entire area with cold water when done and let dry.

Smells And Odors

Smells and odors can be simply removed from your mattress with some baking soda. Just sprinkle it on and wait for a bit and then sweep it off. It is a good idea to do this every time you change the sheets.

You can also add some Tea Tree Oil to water in a sprayer to spray the mattress every so often. This will kill germs and odors. Just let it dry before putting the sheets on the mattress. Fabric odor remover sprays work well too.

Flip Your Mattress6f5ac06ca26f6e8fda756d7ca9b52caa

A word of caution, some of the newer mattresses cannot be flipped. You need to check the label on the mattress. Flipping the mattress once every six months is a good idea. This keeps it from sagging and getting too much dirt deposited in one area. You can also rotate it to change where you sleep.

Following this simple regimen to keep your mattress clean and smelling fresh.

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